Friday, 27 January 2012

Social Networking

I am the last to admit I am wrong about anything, but for once and this is the first time this has ever happened I may have been wrong. Now anyone who knows me will by now need smelly salts, I have for years resisted social networking as a silly fad for very silly people and still believe that Facebook is shite, don’t get it, never have, never will, its shite, Myspace and all the others completely passed me by without me noticing they excisted.

But Twitter I Joined in 2009 and after a slow start , Just  finding it good for info and sports news , I adore it, find it the most addictive thing there is, its fun, funny and the only place where you can say anything, without feeling the need to check anyone will mind, OK in 3 years my personality on-line has changed beyond measure where I used to just try to annoy as many people as possible, now I can if feeling the love be helpful,this is partly down to allot of friends and family following and partly down to maybe starting to grow up a bit, so I cant always be to rude!

Twitter alows you to be able to find out instantly the result of an obscure cycling race in Australia while keeping minute by minute score updates from the football and learning to cook Chinese’s food all while sitting at work to me is amazing, I have and do follow anyone who is odd, funny, obscure or just will teach me something I did not know anything about, for example a brilliant lady is tweeting me daily Chinese recipes, a tennis pro is telling me all the scores so I don’t have to suffer watching tennis, golffist are telling me what’s going on in there pointless sport, its brilliant, all messages in bite sized chunks not two long as to bore me or make me ignore them.

Now for the negative, how can people follow so many people? I genuinely read all mine, if I have a holiday I miss them but otherwise read 99% of all things in my time line, I follow 120 odd people this is about 500 tweets a day, how do you read them if you follow hundreds even thousands? This question really does need answering, why follow someone you have no need or gain from?

I follow friends weirdo’s and experts and it changes all the time, recently I stopped following a very interesting chap who taught me about websites and how to set your own up, but after 6 months he was repeating himself so dropped the bore, in a nice way but dropped nevertheless, so although I wont likely ever start my own web page its cool to no I could.

So here we are dear reader, if you read this because your one of my sexy super followers (no mingers allowed) then I hope its because you like, hate, fear or just want to follow me, not because you hope I will follow back, I do follow back if you’re a Luton fan or a friend or can teach me something but only until you bore me.

So go forth interwebbers and be interesting be crazy be random just don’t be boring, and  please don’t just recycle jokes from other websites, if its yours or new then do it if you nicked it from somewhere credit them cos its lame to steal.

Oh and please feel free to dump me from your list of people you follow its not something that has or will ever bother me, the best thing the reason Twitter makes me laugh is the fact that some guy in Nova Scotia liked a random comment I made based normally on how much sugar I have consumed that day Peace out Twatters see you out there x

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