Thursday, 5 January 2012

Grammar Nerds

Because of English word’s like there, their and they're and the never used correctly apostrophe ,the new most pathetic nerds and sudo-interlectuals, have taken it upon themselves to educate all who care to listen on how they should have used “their” or the apostrophe goes at the end, this ends now.

I am telling you this is now not acceptable you need to allow language to evolve to change and to addapt,surely you cant be that dull that you care to correct other people’s accounts of things?

If language, spelling and grammar never evolved we would all still use ye instead of the, and Shakespeare would be worth reading.

If he was about today he would use text speak to appeal to the masses, He would use abbreviation and slang, its not dumping down its evolution; you are of course welcome to use any language to describe any events but to belittle others because there punctuation is wrong is pointless and makes you look a dick.

Anyone taking the time to write something down even a “tweet” has merit, it belongs to its time and its place, history may not remember the message but history will remember twitter. even if we look back and say what where they thinking to bother with that, so leave it alone, no one will ever want to have sex with you or find you funny or even want to meet you if your so boring.

Maybe you can take your new ambivalence to trivial matters and actually become interesting, maybe you can devote time to being a productive member of society rather than a grammar nerd, and then maybe you will get a girlfriend and have some sex or maybe even make a friend

Go forth ex members of the grammar police, stop playing dungeons and dragons and squire yourself a tasty bit of fanny

And I have not checked any of the above for spelling or grammar as it made sense, so proves my point, or not disagree its what language is all about, just don’t mail me I wont read it co’s your clearly a bore.

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