Monday, 5 December 2011

My best idea in years

Being someone who can spend entire days with nothing more taxing falling thru my brain than ,did I get enough ice cream as cant be arsed to cook tonight, I am not a deep thinker, I have so many pointless nonsense ideas about nearly all things that I decided ages ago not to voice them all verbally, Twitter allows me to post about 10 % of my crazy just enough to not scare to many people, and make me look mental, so I have invented things that no one would ever want or buy, and spent days fiddling with silly contraptions that don’t help in any way yet amuse the hell out of me,

Then every now and then I have a doosey a proper good idea ,some real left field thinking that is so bizarre its got legs walks and shits out its own brilliant ideas,

So I am pondering life the universe and everything ,and it hit me, we have melting north polar ice caps, and a dwindling polar bear population, as food and distance is killing them off, so here’s the thought, move them lock stock and barrel to the south pole, masses more food to eat ,expanding ice shelf that will allow them to roam and have vast territory’s they hibernate all through the worst of the weather so the penguins still bread and flourish and likely hardly ever meet, plus the penguins need there numbers trimming as they are wiping out huge fish stocks,

Ok I am sure this may shock you as it does me, But and in a JLO styley it’s a big But, this would ensure the species survived, and how is a penguin any less cute than a baby seal and we happily let them eat them ,so lets expand this idea, massive parts of north America are uninhabited and climate wise stable, lets move African endangered species, set up rhino sanctuaries it cant be that hard ,we happily waste millions keeping the giant panda alive thru artificial insemination etc ,just cos it looks cute, lets save some of the more killer exciting animals with the same gusto

Now your thinking all good, I  see your point of view(or more likely don’t) but how are we going to fund this its not like we can fly them on easy jet, well I have covered that two, we make them pay there own way, there are thousands of very rich very evil people with far to much money, we allow, after the animals are thriving and safe from extinction to hunt and have them for there supper, admit it rich weirdo’s love to shoot shit up, especially rich Americans, they can brag they have Polar bear for there barbe, it would be a smash hit, explore the wilderness of the south pole and shoot bears, its bound to be a success , thousands signed up to commercial space flights and the planes are not of the drawing boards yet, we can get the money.

So who is with me, great idea or utter nonsense, time will tell, I think in 20 or 30 years time this idea wont seem so far out.

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