Wednesday, 18 July 2012

We’ve hit the Bottom 

Men. Sometimes I think that what I hear and learn cannot be true, that it cannot be this bad in this mighty country, That I need to instruct you in the basics, but this is far too big a crisis to go without immediate action.

I was told recently a story that following exhaustive research has proven to be factual. you as men are just not fulfilling a basic need to keep your partner's happy,
It’s ok to be a leg man, boob man or even 1 of those foot weirdo’s. But under no circumstances is it ok to neglect your duty as a man and not bite your partner’s ass. We’re not talking cannibal flesh ripping here just a nice nibble and a little slap. Red marks allowed, nothing permanent remember you’re not trying to mark/brand her.

This has to be addressed and addressed now. If you’re in a relationship and allowed your stagnant lazy ass ways to get between you and your ends tonight. Before you sit you fat ass down and watch TV, make sure you have hoisted your woman’s skirt or dragged her jeans down and given that ass a dam good nibbling. And under no circumstances do you ever put the clothes back, hoist, nibble, leave.

If this does not at least raise a smile then you have got to start bringing your manliness back, you need to remember this is your night to show your lady you’re still a man. Ravage her, ravage her long and hard. Bang her harder than a coffin nail.

Now she is thinking oooh (insert your name) your such a real man after all, and not a sissy girl who I can take for granted, and all of a sudden the sex, the fun, and the sex is back, no more fiddling to bang babes and pretending to be doing Research on your laptop when your clearly watching porn, your future happiness depends on this.

The fact that I have to tell you this just further shows that men are losing their way and we are basically becoming a nation of sissies. Let’s get back to being manly, Bottom Nibbling and gentle biting is a fundamental “Man Right” do it now or forever become the downtrodden girly man you always swore you would never be

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