Friday, 8 June 2012

Women and Men and "Wangs"

With the aging process comes the inevitable slowing down of the libido, this is medically proven and something we cannot do anything about, boys are at their most potent when there about 18 women mid-twenties, is this really true? or is it shite?

Being male I think about sex about as often as I breath in, this is no surprise we have spent billions of years evolving to make sure as a species we continue to thrive, so we pretend not to be staring at your tits or in my case your ass ,but we are, I am, he is, we all are, we wander through life and size up just about every female we pass, we may not want to admit it but we do, men are dogs in heat and that’s just how it is.

So what happens will I awake one day in the not to distant future too find my "Hang Dang"no longer wants to be up, but prefers to be asleep, will it no longer like woman, will it prefer hibernation to hide the sausage, will I need the dreaded blue pill that saved a billion marriages, will I answer on line Viagra adds as shame would never allow a DR to prescribe it let alone a chemist dispense it.

For me the answer is simple, as I am fully aware I will not be long lived, I think it’s only fair that when willy dies I go with it, brain can you here this my whole life and future is based on the knowledge that my cock is very important to me, so remember this brain, if you decide to starve willy of blood I will starve you of oxygen, this pact we shall agree on, “the sword is mightier than the Brain”

Of Course this won’t actually happen women are brilliant, and funny, and sexy, and pretty, and amazing, and soft, and gentle, and the only thing that keeps us men from killing each other on a daily basis, without you we are nothing, we think we can survive but we can’t, without the fairer sex we are just silly boys with their silly toys.

So dear reader do we carry on as if Sex does not make or break us? do we embrace the inner beast?, Yes we fucking do, life is short mostly boring and mostly pointless, none of us ever will do anything that will resonate through history, so let’s make love, have fun, be happy and die knowing we never hurt anyone or made to much of a mess

And ladies I wish you all the luck love and life you would wish for yourselves as men we don’t thank you enough for the bountiful gifts you bestow and we take you all for granted

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