Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Life as a Luton fan

A blog about Football, so goodbye to 80% of you and if your still here, this is about how following a club can be fun but also hard work.
Luton Town go to Wembley in 10 days this is where I will be, and this is why we love the game

Luton Town is my club; anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that plus will notice I love football and sport in general
Why did he not take me to Arsenal
We begin when as a young impressionable boy my father took me to see Luton play in the then old first division (yes I am that old), as the youngest of 4 and with no mother around, anytime spent with my dad was treasured, he worked all week and most weekends to raise us and as such I was never going to say no to going spending the occasional Saturday at the Luton ground. Growing up this was the only time I ever heard my dad swear all swearing was strictly taboo, but soon as we entered the “Kenilworth” it was like he became “Sweary dad” I loved it, I thought it was like being on another planet.
So we stood and watched what was then unknown to me perhaps the best team ever produced by luton ,we had England internationals we won trophy’s we played football that even Arsenal would call flowing, back then there was no way I could see how we would be languishing in the basement. Back then it was cool to wear a Luton shirt, we all did I wore mine till it was see thru and smelly and still never took it off, no kids at my school supported “Man u” or “Liverpool” there was no need we had a great team.
The Dark Side
To understand what has gone so terribly wrong at Luton you need to understand the clubs darker side,
As a town of mass immigration from every part of the world ,we attract the underclass far right ,we have a chequered history of extremism that still today resonates thru the world ,the EDL only last week marched thru town, even that fuckwit Anders Breivik thinks we are a hive of villainy. You know you’re not a good role model when psycho killers mention you in the trials. So we have history we have an image as a flighty, scrappy, nasty bunch of cunts.this is still no reason to be as betrayed by the football world as we were, but we do deserve some of our reputation. I am not innocent in the history of my club, I have been to and seen and involved myself in some of the darker side to our history. Without knowledge of our past how can we improve and make sure we don’t repeat our mistakes,
Luton have free fallen thru the leagues with occasional flutters at success pretty much the whole last ten years, we have changed hands and been ripped off by so many so called saviours that I can’t even remember them all, all sailed in with huge promises and all sailed out with our money falling out the back of their wallets too heavy to carry, we are now under the chairmanship of Nick Owen who I think has of all our past chairman been given the hardest task, the FA in there infinite wisdom decided that 10 point fine and then a 20 point fine was how best to treat us in 2008,so we began 30 points behind all other teams and clearly no hope of avoiding relegation, a fine that size has never been handed out before , and even now stands as an example of the endemic hatred towards my club by the FA, Nick Owen did not deserve to be treated like this and the FA have tried to have the whole affair seen as an example when all football fans know it was personal. Oddly we would have been better off if the punishment was relegation as we would have been 1 season further forward as no club in any league would survive a minus 30 start.

The futures bright the futures Hatters
So we stand 10 days from Wembley and what could be are first step back, as a realist I doubt I shall ever see my club play top flight football again but I do think we should be at least a first division club, we are well placed well supported and have more history and tradition than half the pretenders to footballs throne. Even in our piss pot division we hold all the attendance records and are fans are true and loyal, we are the best supported team in the Conference and hopefully we will no longer be in that shite league after Sunday.
Maybe when the dust settles after the game next week, the future may start to be a little brighter, new grounds so long a dream, new sponsors and maybe just maybe even a few new players. Good luck Luton I think we deserve it after all that’s been before,
And let’s be clear here who in the football world outside of York has ever heard of them, yet who has not heard of Luton, does not remember Pleat dancing on the pitch, does not remember the plastic pitch and does not remember being betrayed by the FA
So please feel free to comment cos for once I will read them, yes I have glossed over our triumphs and even failed to mention the “Johnstone Paint Trophy” but these were just polyfilla over the cracks off my club and we are only going forward.

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