Wednesday, 14 November 2012

You Sad Fucker!


Question:When where you last happy?

Recent events have made me ponder,
I am basically a lucky jammy shit who always lands on my feet, no matter what is thrown at me I always seem to just bounce up and carry on regardless, this makes me think, am I lucky? or am I happy?, or am I as I believe just able to see the positive and ignore the negative.

Either way being happy is clearly not a simple issue, money, possession, relationships all help but sometimes the saddest people have the most stuff, I admit I have too much, I feel I could without any issues have allot less stuff, money, and possessions so let’s ignore them as I really don’t think they are even a little bit important in the quest of happiness.

So if it’s not money or owning every dam thing there is, is it work? In my case no, work, since I became moderately successful had only become less and less fun, more rewarding sometimes but certainly less fun, when I was a YTS apprentice on shit money and doing all the crap jobs no-one else wanted to concern themselves with I was happier in work than any subsequent promotion and pay increase.

So were left with relationships, does being happy mean you need to be in a relationship? I am once again left thinking no, as I have been happy in and out of relationships, casual sex with varied partners can be just as much fun as a lasting built relationship, but I hear you cry relationships are more than just sex, and yes I would agree, but I guarantee the first thing to go in a failing relationship is the humping, once that’s started to become a chore or even stops altogether then What you got?, the IKEA Fight? The silent meal out? where all you talk about is the menu and what you’re both having, that is not for me

So to be so bold as to answer my own question, when was I last happy? I would say thankfully I have never been anything less than happy, I start happy and try to always keep it that way, time does its best to slow me down make me realise I am no longer a young man able to take on the world, but no matter what comes my way, I refuse to believe that I am being persecuted or being picked on ,I think I am lucky to not lack confidence but even the shy should believe in themselves and what they do, if you no longer love your partner? Dump them move on, don’t stay because you’re lazy or don’t want to risk being alone, if you hate your job? Train improve learn and move on, if you think you need a bigger house or a better holiday to be happy? then you’re an idiot and I can’t help you, but if you believe in yourself and accept yourself as you are then you will be happy and prosper. Always remember we aren’t here long so why ruin it with wasting time and energy on things that make you sad, peace out dear reader hope you don’t think me to frivolous

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