Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Firstly this Blog is not supposed to be witty, or even clever, it’s just something I think about sometimes, so leave me alone if you don’t like it

I have skirted, danced, sashayed even with religion all my life, I find I want to believe in something but struggle to accept the ”leap of faith”

Firstly to date I have read the nearly all the big religious faiths guide books, the Koran the Bible etc and found while all are an OK read, I never had the moment, the enlightenment that I seen happen in others ,for a short while last year when anyone asked I always answered "Hindu me a shiva are solid mates".

A few years back I worked with an openly honest ex junkie who was a Jehovah witness and seemed to draw allot from it, he never tried to convert me, (something I respect) but he was defiantly a better man for his conversion

So why does none of it work on me? ,it has to be more than just the effort of going, or joining a group, fundamentally I hate all things organised, somewhere in my messed up noodle, nothing that’s structured appeals to me, the very thought of sitting in rows doing anything communal is just so far from me its oddly scary. I have this need to be distracted, its something I do actually think about allot,why is there so much to amuse me out the window? why can I not give the time to devote to a devotion,when I don't not really do much at all the rest of the time,

So I have decided for lent to give up my overly used, easily distracting, love affair with twitter, a small thing to most but I can waste most of a working day just Twatting about in the silliness of it all, and to have to leave it to fester without me is already proving tuffer than I thought it would be.

So why would a non believer need to give something up for a religion he does not believe in, well I want to hedge my bets, its that simple if I get to the end and there is something out there, at least I gave something up once, even a nonsense timewasty toy that is Twitter.

I cant give up the things I love, in no real order Women, cars, women and toys oh and I could never give up women, so twitter had to go, in a month or so I will come back and I doubt it will be any different, endless sex bots sending me endless nonsense and the odd person sending the odd thing I want to read, so see you out there soon

As no-one will likely read this blog, as I can’t tweet it or promote it, oh the irony! I thought I would just add, God if you do exist can do one small thing to make me believe, I just want to be 22 again for a week soon ,not got a  firm date yet but will keep you posted, or not even a week 5 days max, thanks big man  Chris x

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